COVID-19 has brought many changes to our communities, affecting the ways we live, work and interact. But throughout these changes, one thing has stayed constant: United Health Centers is determined to serve you and our community in a safe manner. #uhcinthecommunity


Meet Our Providers

Our providers share a collective desire to provide high-quality, comprehensive care to individuals and families. Each member of our team has a commitment to maintaining a patient centered environment that welcomes all members of the community.

Erin Brewer Ross

Medical, PA-C

Nancy Perez

Medical, FNP-C

Claudine Corbett

Medical, MD

Emilie McNair

Medical, MSN, FNP-C

Lindsey Sachs

Medical, MD

Claudia Tussey

Medical, MD

Jennifer Roberts

Medical, MD

Kia Johnson

Dental, DMD, MBA | Dental Director

Sally Hamilton

Nurse Manager

Casey Reynolds

Dental, DDS

Brett Thomas

Medical, MD | Chief Medical Officer

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